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30th May 2012
Last Class of the year.
The homework for today is on p70, Ex 5.2, Questions 2, 3, 5, 7,8,11 and 13. To add two fractions change them so that they both have the same denominator (bottom number), then add the numerators (top number), and don't change the denominator. Look at the green box on p69.

Last week's test corrections is on www.peterdeeney.com/May_Test.doc

23rd May 2012
No Class as I'll not be here.

16th May 2012
Today we did a test it's on
www.peterdeeney.com/May_Test.doc  Have a go and bring along your work to class on 30th May 2012.
Homework for today is on page 67, Ex 5.1, Q 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Have a look at the 2011 Project Maths Phase 1, Paper 2 which I gave out last week. Hints: 1000 g = 1 kg; when dividing by hours in question 2b don't forget to change the answer 2a into hours; hours = hours + minutes/60.

9th May 2012
Homework for today is on page 45, Ex 3.2, Q 3, 4, 7, 8 and 16. The worked examples on page 44 are very helpful. It would also be good to have a go at Q 10 on page 42. 
We did chapter 4 on the integers and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. 

2nd May 2012
Homework for today is on page 32 of the new textbook, Ex 2.5, Questions 1, 2, 3 and 7. The worked example on page 32 will help to show you how to do the homework. Today we revised Venn diagram problems page 11, looked at lowest common multiples page 22 and highest common factors page 21. We started chapter 3 The fundamental principle of counting looking at how many meals were on a menu on page 43.

25th April 2012
Homework due for today is on page 12 of the new text book, Ex 1.5 Questions 1,3,8,9 and 10. Remember to read from half way down page 11, in these questions the Venn diagram records the number of elements in each part of the diagram and not the elements themselves. The worked examples are good.
During class we did chapter 2 of the new textbook, Active Maths 1.

18th April 2012
Welcome back after the holidays!
Here's a summary of the maths we've done so far:
and here's sheet about the survival percentages of the Titanic www.peterdeeney.com/Titanic_Percentages.xls 

4th April 2012
Computer Class in Millbrae Heights (VEC Office) at 12 noon to 1pm. This may help you to find answers to maths problems on line. 
Here's a sheet about income tax calculations:
11th April Easter Holidays next class in Carndonagh Community School will be Wednesday 18th April.

28th March 2012
Here's a sheet to work out your electricity bill,
We'll look at this and start our new books, Active Maths 1, by Keating, Mulvany and O'Loughlin, Pub:Folens.

21st March
We did the Electricity and Probability Parts of the following sheet, have a go at it if you weren't able to be at the class. The questions are at the start and the answers are later. Have a go first.
We also did a bit about equations of a line, the idea is that if the pair (x,y) make the equation work then the point (x,y) is on the line.

14th March 2012
We will finish Introduction to Probability and Slope of a line.

7th March 2012
We did the start of Introduction to Probability which had been the homework for today, and we started Slope of a Line which is on pages 353 to 357 of the Junior Cert maths textbook.

29th February 2012
Here are some interesting You Tube videos:
The Fundamental Principle of Counting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g_h1jeBANs 
Stem and Leaf plots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39BU7o5QTLA 
A Song for Mean, Median, Mode and Range http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD_utDA7P6A&feature=related
Today we finished Stem and Leaf and started probability with the first question on Introduction to Probability 8 which is on pages 44 to 54 of the workbook. This is homework for next week.
The workbook is 'Project Maths in Practice, A First Year Project Maths Workbook, Common Introductory Course' by John Mc Guinness, published by The Educational Company of Ireland in 2010.

22nd February 2012
For homework for today do the stem and leaf questions in the workbook. This subject is new to the Junior Cert, draw your own conclusions......
We will do slopes and the equation of a line later. Next we'll do probability.

8th February 2012
Here are some extra questions for distances between two points using coordinate geometry and Pythagoras, our favourite Greek!
We'll look at Line Plots 6, on pages 30 to 34 of the Workbook. Line Plots are just like bar charts except that instead of bars there are dots, and the horozontal line has numbers on it.

1st February 2012
Homework for today is to have a go at pages 347 to 352 of the coordinate geometry sheets. The first bit is about the distance between points, and the second is about finding the middle of two points. Here are a few guidelines

25th January 2012 (Lagrange's 276th birthday!)
We did the symmetries in origin So, the x axis Sx, and the y axis Sy. See pages 342 to 346 of the book the students in Cardndonagh Community School are using.
If you missed last week then have a go at the Bar Charts5

18th January 2012
We did Bar Charts 5 on p24 - 29 of the Workbook

11th January 2012 
First Class of the New Year!
Here's the Christmas Test with some answers:
Today we did Coordinate Geometry 22 on p104, here are some answers to the questions:
Today we also did a bit of simultaneous equations using the substitution method (cows and sheep). Have a look at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it3vYdV_oyc 

14th December 2011 
This will be the last class before Christmas.
And here are the team questions
For your education you may read the following:
We won't do it in class as we've covered this material already. We will go on to bar charts in January. We will also have a wee look at some more coordinate geometry and slopes of lines.

7th December 2011
2011 Foundation paper Q 16 to end.
This may help you to understand the different types of data:

30th November:

23rd November 2011
This sheet has two Pythagoras Questions which are reasonably difficult and which we won't be doing in class.
These next 5 sheets will be given out on 23rd Nov and will be homework for 30th Nov.
This first one is a spreadsheet. You can change the numbers to see how the answers change. Don't change the answers as you'll overwrite the programme on the spreadsheet. If you do just download this page again.
These four sheets are questions and answers for 23rd Nov, any left over from that day will be homework for 30th Nov.

16th November 2011
These two are for today

Below are for classes after Sept 2011 up to 9th Nov 2011







These were for classes between March and June 2011















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