Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme

This draft paper is to be presented to the IAFA conference on Thursday 18th May 2017. It gives a quick summary of the present seven pilot Emissions Trading Schemes (ETSs) schemes in China a few thoughts on the future risks for the national ETS.

Emission Allowances

I presented a paper at the IAFA doctoral colloquium at NUI Galway in May 2012. It examined the effects of Brent crude, the BNY Mellon Consumer Goods Index, the Spread between gas and coal, and the Stoxx index on the price of EUAs, the European Union Emission Allowances.


Gas fired electricity generation produces about half the CO2 of coal, but coal is the cheaper fuel. When EU Emission Allowance (EUA) prices are taken into consideration this price difference can be reduced or even reversed. The decision to use gas rather than coal on account of EUA prices is known as fuel switching. This preliminary research suggests that an increase in the gas coal spread for electricity production occurred with a reduction in the price of EUAs during 2010-12.

A copy of the presentation may be downloaded from


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