Twitter Sentiment and the EU ETS

The following paper has been presented at the Infiniti Conference on International FInance in Trinity College, Dublin, the ECOMFIN Energy and Commodity Finance Conference in ESSEC, Paris and the Insight Student Conference, Dublin during 2016.  

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The European Parliament and the EU ETS

In May 2014 I presented a paper on the influence on sentiment in the EU emissions trading scheme to the 53rd Euro Working Group on Commodities and Financial Modelling meeting in Chania, Crete and to the Irish Accountancy and Finance Association Conference in Queen's University, Belfast. I presented it also in September 2014 to the Irish Society of New Economists in NUI Galway. I would like to thank you all for your comments. 

Deeney, P., Cummins, M., Dowling, M., Smeaton, Alan F. (2016) Influences from the European Parliament on emissions prices. Energy Policy, 88 (January 2016) 561 - 572.

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