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Co Authors : Bermingham, A.; Zhisong Chen; Zhongquan Chen; Cummins, M.; Curtin, J.; Deane, P.; Delaney, E.L.; Dowling, M.; Dunphy, N.P.; Gogolin, F.; Gough, F.; Graham, C.; Heintz K.; Hickey, C.; Lemmertz, H.; Leahy, P.G.; Liu, X.; Lynn, T.; McInerney, C.; McKinley, J.M.; Mullally, G.; Nagle, A.J.; Ó Gallachóir, B.; Pryce, M.T.; Rosati, P.; Smeaton, A.F.; Tan, X. and  van der Werff, L.

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University College Cork

Environmental Research Institute

Cleaner Production Promotion Unit

Dublin City University Business School

Irish Institute of Digital Business

Commodity and Energy Markets Association

Irish Accounting and Finance Association