CV, Awards and Funding

CV and Awards

For a CV go to my UCC Profile Page, Linked In Profile, ORCID ID or Google Scholar.

For some Awards see, NUI Award is here, IRC Pathway Award on UCC Website.

My Emails are and peterdeeney at gmail dot com

Successful Funding

2022€672Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland funding for IEA Wind TCP Task 45, Wind Turbine Blade Recycling and Repurposing
2022€4,054National University of Ireland Grant Scheme for Early Career Academics to fund the First Wind Value Conference
2021€267,114Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland RDD 00642 UCC, for the RoWind project – This was not taken up as it was not possible to receive this and the simultaneous funding from the Irish Research Council.
2021€528,056Irish Research Council Pathway Programme (21/PATH-A/9348) for the Wind Value project.
2016€3,000Irish Accounting and Finance Association Student Award to fund PhD research expenses.
2012€63,000Daniel O’Hare Scholarship from Dublin City University for PhD

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