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Irish Accounting and Finance Association (IAFA) Annual Conference, June 2023

Electricity Price Risk for Wind Farms in Ireland

ERI Research Awards, University College Cork, May 2023

Presentation Video

Wind Energy Ireland, Dublin, February 2023

Poster Here


Irish Wind Farmers Association Annual Conference, Kilkenny

Poster Here

Irish Accounting and Finance Association (IAFA) Annual Conference

“Using Mixed Weibull Distributions to Estimate Financial Risk for Operations and Maintenance Activities”

End-of-Life Issues for Onshore Wind Farms – Wind Value Research Conference. This was funded by NUI and awarded to Peter Deeney as part of the Grant Scheme for Early Career Academics celebrated in the awards ceremony and recorded here.

Participation and Presentation at IEA Wind Task 45 Meeting

What can you do with used wind turbine blades?

Re-Wind Construction of a Blade Bridge, RTE Brainstorm, also available as a podcast

Stakeholder Engagement for a New Offshore Wind Turbine

X-Rotor Poster Presentation at Wind Energy Ireland Conference


Circular Economy Business Models (CEBMs) and Sustainable Measures of Value

Irish Accounting and Finance Association (IAFA) Annual Conference

2018 – 2019

A Real Options Method for Valuation of R&D Investment Applied to Carbon Dioxide Recycling

3rd Commodity Winter Workshop, ESRI, IAFA, CEMA Conferences


Financial Risks Facing the Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme

IAFA Confrence


Twitter Sentiment and the EU Carbon Market

IAFA, Infiniti, ECOMFIN, Insight Conferences

2014 – 2015

Sentiment in the EU Carbon Market

IAFA, Cass Business School Energy Finance Conference, EWGCFM, ISNE, AIB Conferences


Building and Energy Sentiment Index

EWGCFM, Infiniti, ISNE, IAFA Conferences


EUA Prices and the Coal Gas Spread

IAFA Conference


Comparison of Methods to Value Spread Options

IAFA Conference


Verifying the Heston Model, Asian Option Pricing and Numerical Methods for Some Differential Equations

Dublin City University, School of Mathematical Sciences


Wind Energy Science Conference, Glasgow, 2023

Wind Europe Annual Event, Copenhagen, 2023

X-Rotor Mid Term Review, Barcelona, 2022

Wind Europe End of Life Issues and Strategies (EoLIS) 2021

Wind Europe End of Life Issues and Strategies (EoLIS) 2020

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum, London 2019

Bioenergy Future Ireland, Dublin 2019 IrBEA National Conference 2019: Mobilising Bioenergy with Policy & Action

Friends of Europe, Energy Conference, 22 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium: Designing future energy policies: Social sciences and humanities to accelerate the energy transition and Here