Presentations of Research

2021 Circular Economy Business Models (CEBMs) and Sustainable Measures of Value

Irish Accounting and Finance Association (IAFA) Annual Conference

2018 – 2019 A Real Options Method for Valuation of R&D Investment Applied to Carbon Dioxide Recycling

3rd Commodity Winter Workshop, ESRI, IAFA, CEMA Conferences

2017 Financial Risks Facing the Chinese Emissions Trading Scheme

IAFA Confrence

2016 Twitter Sentiment and the EU Carbon Market

IAFA, Infiniti, ECOMFIN, Insight Conferences

2014 – 2015 Sentiment in the EU Carbon Market

IAFA, Cass Business School Energy Finance Conference, EWGCFM, ISNE, AIB Conferences

2013 Building and Energy Sentiment Index

EWGCFM, Infiniti, ISNE, IAFA Conferences

2012 EUA Prices and the Coal Gas Spread

IAFA Conference

2011 Comparison of Methods to Value Spread Options

IAFA Conference

2009 Verifying the Heston Model, Asian Option Pricing and Numerical Methods for Some Differential Equations

Dublin City University, School of Mathematical Sciences